Friday, July 30, 2010

Translocation - George Logan's Photography

The Book Cover of George Logan's Translocation, a new photography book that fuses Logan's shots of African wildlife into his dramatic takes of the Scottish countryside. Here we see a Lowland Gorilla set against a bckdrop of Loch Scridain.

The book is on sale to raise funds for endangered species throughout the world and is sponsored by the Born Free Foundation, inspired by the film that told the true story of George and Joy Adamson’s fight to return Elsa the lioness to the wild.

NB: These pictures are an imaginative work of fantasy and none of these animals roam free on the Scottish countryside, unfortunately.

However, I can recommend a visit to the Kincraig Wildlife park near Kingussie, where you will find some wonderful captive wildlife, including Amur or Siberian tiger cubs.

Elephants lumber behind stone Scottish cottages. London-based photographer George Logan has brought the impossible to life in Translocation.

A cheetah races along the shores of a Scottish loch.

In another picture a herd of water buffalo graze among Celtic crosses in a hilltop cemetery in Ardnamurchan.

Two Rhinos looking tentatively through a dry stone dyke, well camoflagued against the stones.

A Lioness lies peacefully sleeping outside a Scottish kirk, beside a sign that indicates "No Dogs allowed"

Flamingos congregate and feed in an outdoor swimming pool. Perhaps the only ones brave enough to do so!

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