Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ornithology & Country Pursuits

There are obstacles to overcome but they have always been there

Try not to disturb the local fisher folk

Listen to the gentle buzz of the local workers

Our Security guard is always on the look-out for trouble and the occasional rabbit

You are guaranteed a good hearty breakfast before going out on the hills, if you can cook it

Our game warden is always happy to escort you on a guided tour, if you can keep up.

Unfortunately, he cannot walk on water, but he knows someone who can

If you are lucky you may even see the changing of the guards

If you want that cooked breakfast, you need to talk to our supplier

You will see other visitors in the summer but they are quite shy

You may need a warm coat for the winter, check with the locals.

Our crowd control expert works from an aerial position

You will come across the local harriers but they'll be past you in a flash

Some of our locals seem to see things only in black and white

While some might make you thirsty

Others are too busy showing off

Enjoy the company you find, tread lightly and take away only memories!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Garrique Cottage in March

Enjoy a sneak view of Ben Ledi and the Stirlingshire hills from Garrique Cottage near Kippen