Monday, April 23, 2012

A Hobby Hunting a Dragonfly

 The smallest falcon in the UK, the Hobby is a voracious hunter of large insects and small birds.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scottish Black Grouse - rare photograph

Credit: Will Nicholls

This marvelous photograph was taken at a Black Grouse mating area called a 'Lek', where males gather annually, to fight for the attention of the local females.

The winner is the most handsome, fittest and the best presented! A pristine example of the breed!

I think this guy stands a good chance of siring next years offspring of Black Grouse. What do you think?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Loch Lomond Sea plane on route to Glasgow

Waiting for morning mist to clear on the River Clyde before flying to Glasgow.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Greater sundew (Drosera anglica)

Greater sundew (Drosera anglica) close-up with insects caught in glands of leaf, Flow Country, Sutherland, Highlands, Scotland.

Great crested grebe (Podiceps cristatus)

Great crested grebe (Podiceps cristatus) pair performing the courtship 'weed dance'

Atlantic grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) hauled out on rocks

Atlantic grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) hauled out on rocks at the Cairns of Coll, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Ermine: The Scottish Stoat in Winter Garb

The stoat, also known as the ermine when in it's winter white coat, also known outside of the UK as the short-tailed weasel.

It is a species of Mustelid, which is native to Eurasia and North America.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Scotland in all it's Glory - Ardnamurchan

An idyllic setting for artists and wildlife lovers alike, the glorious peninsula at Ardnamurchan offers so much, to so many.

A Leisurely Walk on the Beach at North Berwick

Beautiful view across the expansive Scottish beach at North Berwick, over to the Bass Rock and the sea mist at it's feet.

The Bass Rock is the biggest Gannet breeding colony in Europe and is a bird watcher's delight.

Despite the apparent tranquility of the sea lapping against the beach, the Bass Rock lies in deeper more turbulent waters and is notoriously difficult to land on.

Formed from ancient volcanic activity, it is a 'plug' of hard granite with steep sides and rocky cliffs to the sea, perfect for the Gannets' to breed on and to protect their well-being.

The Cuilins of Skye in pensive mood

This is the Scottish west-coast highlands at it's best.

A wonderfully clear, calm and bright day. Perfect for looking over to the spectacular Cuilins of Skye.

It's difficult to believe when looking at such an idyllic scene but this is a mean, rocky and moody range that has a reputation for not only being both dramatic and challenging for rock climbers and hill walkers, but also deadly, for the unwary and over ambitious. For me, they are best enjoyed on a day like this, as a spectacular backdrop to a long walk by the lochside.

Rare sighting of Scottish Lizard

This elusive creature was spotted in March, outside Inverness, enjoying the warmth coming from the stones.

The early Spring sun had created a warm place for this endangered lizard to bask and build it's energy.

They love the shelter and heat-retentive characteristics of the Scottish stone dykes, widely used for centuries to mark out boundaries and fields.

The Scottish Spring hares at play

The hardy and energetic Scottish hares in excellent condition to start the Springtime task of selecting a mate breeding a new generation.

Such a joy to watch their antics and if you are more adventurous you can always walk up one of the many accessible mountains in the area to catch a glimpse of the Scottish Mountain hare, still in it's white, wintry coat.

The Scottish Ptarmigan in Spring

The beautiful and elusive bird of the high mountains, the Ptarmigan.

It is shown here in it's winter plumage, perfect for lying undetected in the snow.

It's another reward for the intrepid climber /hillwalker who finds themselves walking over the rocky peaks of the Scottish mountains.