Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter Weekend in the Garrique

It was wondeful to be back in the Garrique cottage again, to watch Spring emerging from a punishing winter. It was even more uplifting to be there over the Easter weekend.

There were still traces of snow in the hills and mountains surrounding the cottage and even the remnants of a snowman in the back garden.

The forests around the cottage showed clear signs of damge. The result of a number of fierce and relentless storms. We were concerned for the local flora and fauna.

The sheep farmers were concerned that the lambing season had been delayed and, because the sheep had struggled to feed consistently through the winter, they were in poor condition. This was likely to lead to smaller lambs and a higher morbidity level in the ewes. A tense time for all.

Sadly, we were informed that some of the charming little roe deer that populate the forest had died off in the harsh winter.

On the positive side, we did see a couple of roe deer skipping across the fields, between the sheep and even more, lower down on the Carse.

I think the animals who could, decided to move to the lower slopes for food and away from the isolation of the snow covered hills and frosty winds.

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